Imagine you are on a train going to your neighboring town, and you realize that your friend is on the same train. What will you do? You will go and sit next to your friend as you naturally feel more comfortable in his/her company compared to a stranger.

Now, imagine you are in an unknown city far away from your hometown where people have different traits than those of ones in your hometown. Suddenly, you bump into someone who you later find out is from your hometown. You immediately find yourself comfortable around him/her in the unknown city. Now, what if you would have bumped into the same person in your hometown? Would you be as comfortable talking to him/her as you would in this unknown city? Or will you be cautious of this stranger?

Now, imagine you are in an unknown country far away from your motherland. You find people of different race, color, clothing around you. You are little afraid and uncomfortable around these strange people. And, you suddenly meet a person from your country. What will be your feeling? You will feel a sense of oneness about this person. You will feel he/she is one of you.

Now, imagine you are lost in a deserted island where you don’t see any human around you. You are extremely scared. From somewhere you hear two persons talking. What will be your feeling now? What will you see about them? You will see them as Human. Will you care whether these persons are from your hometown? Or do you even care to find out if these persons are from your state or country? You just see them as human.

So, why can’t we first see human when we see anybody around us. Why do we notice one’s color, race, religion, country, state, town before we notice them as human? Because we have limited our circle of oneness to just ourselves and to our family. Anybody outside our circle is different from us. At most our circle is extended to our city, or state or nation. As a result, two states in the same country lose their harmony or two nations fight against each other. The entire world is in chaos today.

We should realize that it is the same gold in necklace, bracelet, and earrings even if they are of different forms. Similarly, we should try to see people of different race, religion, color etc. as humans first even if they are of different traits. Then only we will establish a sense of oneness with all and create harmony in the world.

Next step would be to enlarge this circle of oneness to entire living creature and identify everything as you! That is the real meaning of love! Love which is tagged to a person or creature, or object is mere attachment. True love does not have any tags. True love is the love for everyone!

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